Cable Installations

Cable Installations

Cable Installations

We offer the following Cable Installation Services:

  • LV Cable Installation
  • LV Cable Terminating
  • LV Cable Jointing
  • Date Cable Installation



Our Philosophy

We aim to be different than other cable pulling companies by using mechanical aids where possible to install LV cables, thus reducing the potential injury through manual handling.

We own and operate various sized 110 volt winches for cable installations, pull lifts for fine adjustment to cables for dressing and final positioning for termination.  Custom made cable rollers to aid the installation and provide protection of the cables during installation.  Hydraulic/ratchet cable drum jacks used complete with out rigger legs for additional stabilisation.

Electric hydraulic power packs for the cable cropping/crimping heads, battery bandsaws are used to help reduce HAV (hand arm vibration) and RSI (repetitive strain injury).

Hydraulic hole punches are used to form the cable entry into panels, thus reducing the derformation of gland plates by drilling or burs left within the panels.

Calibrated battery/hydraulic crimping tools up to 630mm2, torque wrench’s up to 300Nm2 torque setting screwdrivers from 0.5Nm2 to 5Nm2 used for final connections.  Mechanical crimping is carried out in accordance with BS 7609 (Mechanical Material Matching) .