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Power Logging

Performing preventive maintenance alone is not always enough. No matter how well technicians maintain equipment, if it operates inefficiently, or more often than needed, energy waste will occur. The cost of not paying attention to operational issues along with the maintenance issues can be significant.

Many studies performed in recent years indicate that most energy saving opportunities are operational in nature. Energy savings as much as 20% of the annual energy cost can be realised through low-cost improvements, with operating improvements accounting for a good portion of the savings. This information can aassist the building management more effectively by addressing operational, as well as equipment maintenance, issues.

Measuring and recording the performance of energy-using equipment over time is the only way to verify whether the equipment or system performs optimally. The use of power and energy loggers will prove invaluable to locate costly building operation problems quickly. Periodically, monitoring critical machinery and high energy consuming building equipment to ensure proper operation should be as important as periodically performing other maintenance tasks such as cleaning coils, lubricating motors, or changing filters.