Power Quality

Power Quality

Power Quality

MPE provides Power Quality surveys and reporting on all Industrial and Commercial premises. Multiple studies performed in recent years indicate that the greatest energy saving opportunities are operational in nature. Energy savings as great as 20% of the annual energy cost can be realised through low-cost improvements, with operating improvements accounting for a good percentage of the savings.

Power Quality Analysers

We own and operate a number of these instruments, we are able supply and install these on a weekly rental basis or project basis, provide written reports which are time and date stamped. The power quality analysers provide additional information that power loggers do. In addition to their power measurement and electricity metering functions, these instruments can also record a large number of other parameters such as the unbalance, flicker, harmonics data and phase difference.

With this specific mode, they can indicate whenever the alarm thresholds are overshot and can capture transients lasting only tens of microseconds. They can also provide all the recording needed for maintenance linked to the start up of loads over a period of several minutes thanks to their Inrush mode.

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Power Quality Analysers provide information on voltage, power, current, energy, displays, etc. The power data system is designed to graph the results gotten and highlight the periods that had irregularities. The system provides accurate results.

MPE installs, runs and maintains power data loggers of the best quality. All the power loggers installed are durable and produce accurate results. The readings will provide required information on any equipment or installation. Once detected, the necessary adjustments are made to save energy and money.

Power data logging can be used to measure current and spare capacity at source. MPE power data logging service is the most affordable for its efficiency and effectiveness. With the power data logger, we can provide adequate information and solution to all electrical installations.

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