Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations

We have vast experience working in the retail commercial and industrial sector, particularly in the electrical installation services sector, carrying out quality electrical work ensuring compliance with the standards set out in  BS7671 via the electrical testing and inspection of our work after installation, our membership with the ECA (electrical contractors association) displays our level of competency. We have carried out many of the following installations;

Containment systems

  • Ladder rack
  • Steel conduit
  • Steel trunking
  • Cable tray

Power distribution

There are various ways to distribute power locally throughout your building. This can be achieved by the use of:

  • Local distribution boards
  • Sub main distribution rooms
  • Busbar trunking systems
  • Lighting trunking systems


We can install temporary and permanent supplies from your generated power source to the area or equipment required.


We can install and test various earth electrode based earthing systems such as:

  • Earth Electrodes for alternative forms of supply (UPS Systems, Generators etc)
  • Earth mats
  • Earthing plates
  • TT based earthing systems